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Welcome to PupVille !

"Providing a loving, healthy, and social environment for your pup!"

We are closed from 12pm-2pm weekdays

Saturday/Sunday we are open ONLY for scheduled boarding drop off/pickup's from 7am-1pm. If there are no scheduled drop off/pickup's, we will be closed.


Referral Rewards!?

Introduce a friend to our services and you both can enjoy an exclusive reward! 

Refer a friend and when they have used our services, both referral and referee can enjoy 15% off their next purchase!


(New pup must pass meet and greet)


PupVille Shuttle in Service! Transportation to & from Daycare!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for daily pictures and videos to see how a day at PupVille is like!



PupVille is a fully insured, CAGE-FREE doggy daycare where pups enter into a paradise of their dreams and forget all about the existence of their 2-legged humans!

Every pup has the opportunity to have a fun filled day playing, exercising, and socializing with other dogs of different breeds. We are keen on teaching proper socialization! If you have a submissive pup or slight dominant pup, don't be afraid to try us out. We, at PupVille believe every dog should have a chance at being able to enjoy the benefits of daycare and not get turned away. We work closely with these pups to help break them out of their shell with time, patience, and consistency. We make any situation into a pawsitive interaction!

When choosing a daycare for your pet, price shouldn't be the sole determining factor. You want your pet to be happy and receive quality care. PupVille is a very hands-on daycare! We teach basic training and perform basic agility with games and obstacle courses to keep the dogs active and in great spirits. We interact with each individual pup during playtime everyday, giving the pup some one on one time to really get to know us and be comfortable with one another. We make it a priority to create that one on one connection to build love and trust so they feel just as comfortable here at PupVille as they do at home with their owners.


A day at PupVille will drain your pup's energy out leaving them satisfyingly tired the entire night, making your life easier!

Warning: Your pup will become highly addicted to daycare at PupVille and will love you that much more for taking them!


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A little about the owner: My name is MarisoI. I was a veterinary technician of many years and studied Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. I started a cage free facility for dogs, not just for them to be somewhere while their owners are busy but for them to be able to learn how to socialize with all types and sizes of breeds. Whether these pups are submissive or can be dominant, I like to work with them consistently to break them out of their shell and start to learn how to properly socialize. I find it so important to have these pups interact and get comfortable with other types of pups so when out in the real world with their owners, they feel comfortable when coming across other dogs. I like attending to each of them individually as oppose to all at once in a large group. Each dog is different and I find it more fullfilling to treat every dog to their own needs. I want these pups having a special type of connection with me and my staff so they can feel at ease and be 100% themselves as they are at home. My life are your pups!

"I have always looked into the eyes of many animals. Each time I get a special feeling. A feeling quite different from human eye contact. It is a unique feeling. It touches my heart. It affects my soul." 


483 Amherst St. Nashua NH, 03063​

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Monday - Friday

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

For Boarding Drop Off/ Pick Up ONLY

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