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Liked what you read? Interested in our services? Book a meet & greet! We will be so happy to see you!

Click on the Register link on the right and enter all of you and your pup's information then you'll upload or email ( proof of rabies and kennel cough vaccines, as well as proof of a negative fecal test done with in the last year. Once we get the requirements, we will update your pup's vaccine profile and we will call you to schedule a meet and greet!

For the meet and greet we offer 1 hour of socialization (free of charge). This is when you come and drop your pup off for 1 hour and we will slowly introduce your pup to our pack, 1 by 1. We will assess their behavior and see how they do. When you come to pick your pup up, we will then discuss how the trial went! 


You can refer to our tour video on the first page of the website to see the inside of PupVille. Unfortunately, we do not allow in person tours of the facility due to safety reasons. When our pups see someone unfamiliar, it tends to excite them and some dogs get overstimulated with that type of excitement which can create a negative response between the dogs. We always want to ensure that we have a safe environment at all times.

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