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Our focus is keeping your dog safe and very comfortable over night and guess what.....daycare is included with boarding!


We are completely kennel free. We believe that the dogs should be in an environment where they can feel right at home and be happy for the whole time they are here. We make their stay a very fun and happy experience much like a vacation for them and not just the owners. They get to enjoy being outside (weather permitted) all day relaxing and playing or indoors playing rather than being in a kennel. 

Boarders will be supervised by one of our team members all through out the night, making sure all is well with periodic potty breaks. They will have that human interaction at ALL times which makes them feel secure and comfortable. 


All pups sleep together as one pact in their designated section with their own comfy bedding that we provide.

Pups get breakfast at 7am and dinner at 6pm. Everyone gets separated during feeding time.

Please bring your dog's food with them and have their food labeled with their names. We provide bowls for their food.


You do not need to provide bedding as we have beds and comfy blankets for them.

Your pup at PupVille will give you the peace of mind that their boarding experience is as much a vacation as yours!


We send pictures and videos via text or email to the owner's during the pup's sleep over on weekends and through out the weekday, you can refer to our Facebook page for pictures/video updates

Monday - Sunday

$47/night per dog

$27/Extra dog



There is a day fee of $22 for pick ups between 9am and 12pm on weekdays.


There is a day fee of $35 for pick ups after 12pm on weekdays.


If dropping off/picking up on weekends, must be between 7am-1pm.

There is a $22 fee for weekend pick ups from 9am-12pm and $35 fee after 12pm. 

There will be a service fee if paying by credit card for transactions of $400 and over

There is a $2 fee for each time any medications are needed to be given for pups.

24 hour notice for boarding/cancellations must be given


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