Grooming at PupVille is only for in-house daycare/boarding pups that do not require haircuts.


If you are interested in grooming services with haircuts or grooming appointments while your pup is not attending daycare or boarding, you can call PupVille Parlour at (603) 577-1617. PupVille Parlour is located 3 units down from the daycare/boarding facility. Please refer to www.pupvilleparlour.com for full service grooming.

Puppy Spa Deals

Getting your puppies on a solid grooming schedule will help them become used to the process of getting groomed which makes your life easier for the road ahead. It also helps maintain good health! 


We offer a few different options for our puppies at a discounted rate!


For dogs 6 months and under


Baths: $20

Pedi’s: $8

Teeth Brushing: $8

Combo: $32


These services are three essentials that should be introduced at an early age that way as they get older, you don’t have to wrestle your pup to get them done.


We offer massages for your furry kids!


Get your pup’s tired muscles massaged and stretched! It’s been proven that stretching before and after physical activity lessens injuries in canines. 

(20 minute sessions)


Under 50lbs $25

50lbs/over $35


20% OFF if attending daycare that day or boarding

Pedicure: $12


Ear cleaning: $10 


Teeth scaling: $25

Teeth brushing: $15

Teeth scale/brush Combo: $35


Anal gland expression: $20


Dematt/Comb Out: $1/minute

Ear Pluck: $10

Sanitary Shave: $10



under 45lbs $25

45lbs & over $35

70lbs & over $45

90lbs & over $55

Spa Combo1: $42 (under 45lbs)

Spa Combo 2: $52 (45lbs & over)

Spa Combo 3: $62 (70lbs & over)

Spa Combo 4: $72 (90lbs & over)

Combo's include: pedicure, ear clean, bath, blow-dry

Upgrade your combos

Upgrade any combos with a discounted service listed!


Ear plucking $7

Anal gland expression $17

Teeth brushing $12

Sanitary Shave $7

Teeth scraping $22

Ear clean $7

20% OFF baths every Thursday!

(Combos not included)