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  • Do you offer daycare on weekends?
    No, we are only open on the weekends for scheduled drop off's and pick up's for boarding dogs from 7am-1pm.
  • Can we schedule a meet and greet on the weekend?
    No, our weekends are dedicated to our boarding pups!
  • I was interested in my dog coming to daycare, what do you need from me?"
    We would need a client application filled out at (under the Book Now tab), a clean fecal with in the last year (results, not proof of test), their Rabies, and their Kennel Cough vaccine. After we have these requirements, we can schedule a meet and greet.
  • My dog's meet and greet is today, can they stay if they do good?"
    Of course!
  • What do I need to bring for my dog when boarding?
    Vet records if not up to date, your pet, and food with their name labeled on the items! (Also any medication)
  • Do I bring bedding and bowls for my dog's overnight stay?
    No, we provide bedding and bowls. Since we are open concept and crate-free, items can get torn/damaged/lost, we would rather that happen to our things.
  • Where do the dogs sleep?
    They all sleep inside the large dog area on beds and plush blankets!
  • Are the dog's ever alone?
    No, the dogs are never alone, we are staffed 24/7! Even on holidays!
  • Do you take dogs with behavioral problems?
    We do to an extent. We allow all our dogs a fair chance and evaluate each dog to make sure they are fit for daycare. We work with fearful dogs, confident dogs and the works!
  • Do you have breed restrictions?
    No, all breeds welcome!
  • What cleaning supplies do you use?
    We use 100% pet friendly chemicals such as A-septic, which is a non-corrosive disinfectant.
  • How do I get my dog into the shuttle service?
    You must live within 8 miles of PupVille and call or email in advance.
  • Do I need to be home for the shuttle?
    You don't have to be home for us to pick up/drop off your dog. We either need a spare key or you can leave a key hidden somewhere at your residence.
  • How do I book for daycare/boarding?
    You can book online, give us a call, or book in person! For online - you would go back to the purple button (where you had originally filled out your client app), sign in with your log in credentials, and choose a day/time for your reservation.
  • My dog's pretty shy, is that okay?"
    Of course! Here at PupVille, we take the time to sit with each dog and help them become comfortable and a valuable member of our pack! We help them learn how to properly socialize!
  • How are the dogs separated?
    Not only do we separate based off size but also temperament, age and energy level! We love to find the perfect fit for your dog!
  • What holidays do you close?
    Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day. We close early at 1pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  • Do you still have boarders even when you are closed on said holidays?
    Yes, we will have boarders but there are no pick up’s nor drop off’s when we are closed.
  • What happens if a fight breaks out?
    We handle every situation calmly so we don’t lose focus. We have shakers that make loud noises to get the pup’s attention on us and off the situation. If a more involved fight occurred, we have buckets of water in each play area to splash the pups which automatically surprises them and stops the altercation.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask us!

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